Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Elijah Insect Monster FREE PATTERN

U.S  Terminology        ( This pattern is untested)


safety eyes 18mm
white felt for eyes
black yarn for mouth or black felt
coloured felt for body panels
sewing thread or fabric glue
4mm and 5mm hook
2 100g balls of dk acylic
tapestry needle
sewing needle if not using glue
stitch marker

Always hold yarn doubled throughout and place stitch marker at beginning of each round. (I always use a strand of contrasting yarn)

Legs make 2  (using 5mm hook)

magic circle
r1.         chain 1, 6 sc into ring  (place marker) join.
r2.         2sc in each around                                          (12sc)
r3-9.      sc in each around (stuff section)
r10.       *sc2tog*  repeat around                                (6sc)
r11-13.  sc in each around
r14.       2sc in each sc around                                    (12sc)
Repeat rows 3-14 once
Repeat rows 3-6  (stuff section)

Fasten off leaving a 12 inch tail for attaching to body later

Arms make 4  using 4mm hook

magic circle
r1.       chain1, 6sc into ring, join
r2-21.  sc in each around

fasten off leaving a long tail and leave unstuffed

Body  use 5mm hook

magic circle
r1.  ch1,  6sc into ring   place marker
r2.  2sc in each around  (12sc)
r3.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next*  repeat around (18)
r4.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next 2sc*  repeat around  (24)
r5.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next 3sc*  repeat around  (30)
r6.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next 4sc*  repeat around  (36)
r7.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next 5sc*  repeat around  (42)
r8-19.  1sc in each sc
r20.   *sc2tog*  8 times,  1sc in next 11 sc,   *sc2tog* twice, 1sc in next 11 sc  (32)
r21-25.  1sc in each sc
r26.  1sc in first 3sc,  *sc2tog* 4 times,  1sc in next 9sc,  *sc2tog* twice, 1sc in next 8sc  (26)
r27-35.  1sc in each around
r36.  *sc2tog*  repeat 13 times.   (13)     (STUFF BODY)
r37-39.  1sc in each sc
r40.  2sc in each sc around  (26)
r41.  1sc in first 9sc, 2sc in next sc,  1sc in next 16sc  (27)
r42.  *2sc in first sc,  1sc in next 2*  repeat around  (36)
r43.   1sc in each sc around
r44.  1sc in next 10sc,  *sc2tog*  6 times,  1sc in next 10sc,  *sc2tog*  twice   (28)
r45-47.  1sc in each sc around
r48.  1sc in first 13sc,  *sc2tog* twice,  1sc in next 11sc  (26)
r49.  sc2tog,  sc in next 11 sc,  sc2tog,  sc in next 11 sc     (24)
r50.  1sc in each around
r51.  *sc2tog,  1sc in next 2sc*  6 times (18)
r52  1sc in each around

at this point stuff head and place the eyes.  To do this cut an oval shape out of the white felt.  cut a small slit in the middle and place the eyes through the hole and into the monsters head then fit the safety eye back.  Repeat with the other eye.    (you can glue or sew round the eye later)

r53.  *sc2tog,  1sc in next sc*  6 times  (12)
r54.   1sc in each sc around    
r55.   *sc2tog*  6 times

fasten off leaving a long tail , add more stuffing to the head and weave through remaining stitches,  sew up the hole and cut yarn.

Antennae   make 2 using 4mm hook

1. ch5,  1dc in 4th ch from hook
2.  ch3,  1dc in next 2dc,  turn
3.  ch3,  1dc in next 2dc,  fasten off leaving a long enough tail to sew to the head.

fold piece in half length ways and sew down edge to create thin sticks for antennae.

Making up

study the picture but feel free to customise

sew legs to base of the body
sew arms to the side of body
sew antennae to the head
sew a zigzag mouth on the face using your black yarn or cut one out of black felt and glue or sew
glue or sew down the whites of the eyes

that just leaves the body panels  cut 3 rectangles out of your coloured felt.  cut off each of the corners to soften the shape,  then sew or glue to the body

hope you have fun :)  any questions please don't hesitate to ask



  1. Oh my gosh! He is AWESOME! Elijah is going to love him! I can't wait to show him he has a monster named after him. You are the best!!! :)

    1. elijah insect monster should be with elijah very soon he is traveling accross the atlantic ocean as we speak :)

  2. Too cute! The pads on the belly were a nice touch.

  3. This pattern is adorable, I've added it to the new site www.crochetatplay.com A new site to find 100s of free crochet patterns from all over the web. Updated every Wednesday and Saturday nights! If for some reason you do not wish to have your pattern linked up please email me at megan@crochetatplay.com Thanks! Megan